How the Eclipse Expedition to Confirm Einstein’s Theory Instead Birthed Multiculturalism | 6/29/2019 | Staff
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Let me recommend reading Prof. Salim Mansur’s Delectable Lie: a Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism, which gives the following very nice definition of “multiculturalism:” the idea “that all cultures are equal and deserving of equal treatment in a liberal democracy…” (p. 2).

So how did the eclipse observations birth multiculturalism? By overthrowing the Newtonian Empire.

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For if the central theory of physics, Newtonian physics, could be proven false, there was no guarantee that Einstein would not himself be overthrown in the future. As Karl Popper put it in his The Logic of Scientific Discovery, “All universal theories, whatever their content, have zero probability” (p. 373).

So why bother to test any theory? They are all false. Western civilization was believed, before the eclipse expedition, to be superior because its knowledge was superior to those of other cultures, including earlier Western culture. But if all theories have zero probability of being true, then the theories underlying all cultures are equal because they all are equally false. Indeed, it follows that objective truth does not exist, because an objective truth would have probability one, not zero, of being true.

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But what if the Newtonian Empire actually never fell? What if Einstein’s gravity theory -- which is in fact correct -- is not a successor of Newtonian theory, but instead a special case of Newtonian theory?

Then all cultures are not equal. Then Western scientific culture is superior to all the other human cultures. Then postmodernism is complete nonsense.

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Einstein gravity theory is in fact a special case of Newtonian gravity theory!

To see this, it is first necessary to formulate the two gravity theories in the same mathematical language. This was accomplished in 1924 by the great French mathematician Elie Cartan, who showed that Newton gravity is time being curved, while Einstein gravity is time and space being...
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