Incels and transgenders: Surgery won't cure your disorder | 6/28/2019 | Staff
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A recent story in New York Magazine asked readers how many bones they would be willing to break in order to attain intimacy—or something to that effect.

Injuries - Man - Woman - Surgery

They weren’t referring to injuries from fighting with another man over a woman. They were referring to cosmetic surgery.

Nor were they referring to surgery performed on an older man to make him look younger. They were referring to surgeries performed on young, twenty-something men who hate the way they look and are convinced that they are doomed to involuntary celibacy unless they go under the knife.

Men - Incels - Community - Men - Inability

Such men are known as “Incels,” described as “an online community of men united by their inability to convince women to have [intimate relations] with them.” “Incels” is short for involuntary celibates.

The central character in the article goes by the moniker “Truth4lie.” This young man in his 30’s has spent time in a psychiatric hospital; he’s exchanged blows with his father. He even punched his sister in the head as a child. To put it gently, he’s got some problems.

Spending - Time - Incel - Forums - Truth4lie

However, after spending time on Incel forums, “Truth4lie” became convinced that his real problem was his appearance.

His friends and family, on the other hand, are convinced that he suffers from “body dysmorphic disorder,” an extreme anxiety “about an imagined physical defect that others often cannot see.” People with the disorder often resort to plastic surgery “to try to improve their appearance.”

Truth4lie - Netherlands - Indianapolis - Surgeon - Surgery

That’s exactly what “Truth4lie” did. In 2016, he flew from the Netherlands to Indianapolis to see a surgeon who specialized in what’s called “aesthetic surgery.” He returned to Indianapolis three times in the next year in pursuit of an ideal face. As he told New York Magazine, “The prospect of a better surgery result is keeping me alive.”

We’re clearly intended to see “Truth4lie” as a...
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