America: There Will Be Blood

Capitol Hill Outsider | 6/22/2019 | Staff
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By Amil Imani:

The Muslims’ killing campaign did not end with their defeat at the gates of Vienna. Jihadism never changes. The long history of violent Islam speaks for itself. It’s a major reason that explains why Eastern European citizens do not accept mass immigration of Muslim societies with the same kind of “tolerance” demanded by the elitist governments of Western Europe. Their fury is slowly reaching a boiling point.

Eviction - Spain - Retreat - Muslims - Numbers

Their eviction from Spain was a temporary forced retreat. But now Muslims have, in huge numbers, penetrated the gates of every city and town in Europe and North America without even having to use their swords.

Worried by the Muslims’ trouble-making and killing sprees, civilized nations in both Western Europe and Northern America, are bending over backward in hope of placating them to join the family of humanity by admitting hordes of immigrants and offering them all manners of hospitality and assistance. All these gestures remain in vain and to no avail. Many of the new arrivals, deeply infected by their Islamic indoctrination and ethos, find it impossible to assimilate in any host countries. Instead, they strive to impose their defunct order which is the cause of their own misery, backwardness and inhumanity on the host nations.

World - Wits - End - Accommodation - Kindness

The non-Muslim world is at its wits’ end. No accommodation or kindness seems to stem the tide of Islamic violence. Countless numbers of proposals have been advanced in dealing with this systemic Islamic disorder. Some feel that, in general, Muslims are law-abiding citizens of their adopted countries and it is only a minority that is responsible for the violence and mayhem. Thinking along these lines has prompted people to say that the solution to Islamic violence rests with Islamic leaders. That is, Islamic leaders should speak up and condemn jihad and jihadists.

Western armchair theorizers and wishful thinkers...
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