Parents in desperate search for stem cell donor for their son say they are living on a 'knife edge' 

Mail Online | 6/18/2019 | Vanessa Chalmers Health Reporter For Mailonline
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The parents of a seven-year-old boy in need of a stem cell donor said they are living on a 'knife edge'.

Finley Hill, from Belbroughton in Warwickshire, suffers from a rare immune system disorder called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

Disorder - System - Inflammation - Damage - Tissues

The disorder causes the immune system to overreact, leading to inflammation and damage to tissues such as the liver, spleen and brain.

His parents Jo and Paul are now urging people to sign up and donate in a desperate search for a match for their son.

Years - Finley - Diagnosis - Symptoms - Headaches

It took around three years for Finley to get a diagnosis because his initial symptoms, including headaches, mimicked viral infections like glandular fever.

Currently steroid medication keeps Finley 'relatively well' - but it is unclear how long this approach will work.

Transplant - Mr - Mrs - Hill - People

He urgently needs a transplant to cure him - but Mr and Mrs Hill said most people are unaware the stem cell registry even exists during an interview on ITV's This Morning.

Only two per cent of the UK and 0.4 per cent of the world population are on the register, according to estimates.

People - Blood - Cancer - Blood - Disorders

This means many people with blood cancer and blood disorders die waiting for a matching donor.

Mrs Hill said: 'They haven’t given a time, but the medication won’t last forever. We’re all on a knife edge.'

HLH - Symptoms - Organs - Individuals - Fevers

HLH symptoms can vary greatly and it involves multiple organs. Generally, affected individuals develop fevers, a rash, and an abnormally large liver and spleen.

For Finley, his brain was the first to be affected. Some HLH patients develop neurological symptoms including seizures, mood changes, headaches, altered consciousness, and altered vision.

Mrs - Hill - 'When - School - Goodbye

Mrs Hill said: 'When we walk into school that saying goodbye is hard. He'll say, "I have a headache" and I don’t know, I can’t see. I don't know if it's a bit of anxiety or the inflammation is returning.

'We can’t be permanently MRI-ing...
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