Physicists Search for Monstrous Higgs Particle. It Could Seal the Fate of the Universe.

Live Science | 6/5/2019 | Staff
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We all know and love the Higgs boson — which to physicists' chagrin has been mistakenly tagged in the media as the "God particle" — a subatomic particle first spotted in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) back in 2012. That particle is a piece of a field that permeates all of space-time; it interacts with many particles, like electrons and quarks, providing those particles with mass, which is pretty cool.

But the Higgs that we spotted was surprisingly lightweight. According to our best estimates, it should have been a lot heavier. This opens up an interesting question: Sure, we spotted a Higgs boson, but was that the only Higgs boson? Are there more floating around out there doing their own things?

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Higgs - Understanding - Standard - Model - Particle

If the heavy Higgs does indeed exist, then we need to reconfigure our understanding of the Standard Model of particle physics with the newfound realization that there's much more to the Higgs than meets the eye. And within those complex interactions, there might be a clue to everything from the mass of the ghostly neutrino particle to the ultimate fate of the universe.

Without the Higgs boson, pretty much the whole Standard Model comes crashing down. But to talk about the Higgs boson, we first need to understand how the Standard Model views the universe.

Higgs - Boson - Kind - Field - Fields

The Higgs boson has a special kind of field. Like the other fields, it permeates all of space and time, and it also gets to talk and play with everybody else's fields.

But the Higgs' field has two very important jobs to do that can't be achieved by any other field.

Job - W - Z - Bosons - Fields

Its first job is to talk to the W and Z bosons (via their respective fields),...
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