Varjo XR-1 is an AR headset so fast, Volvo test drives cars while wearing it

CNET | 5/29/2019 | Scott Stein
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Test driving with the XR-1 on is actually possible: Volvo is doing it.

I see a car driving down a test track. The dashboard is real. But now it's a glowing blue skeletal frame. The dashboard has changed. It's become virtual. The car is still racing. Real car, real driving, virtual interface.

Varjo - VR-1

Welcome to Varjo VR-1.

Earlier this year, I wore the Varjo and it was the highest-resolution VR headset I've ever experienced. That $6,000 eye-tracking headset, designed for retina-perfect renderings of designs and 3D models, was designed to eventually upgrade to a mixed-reality model, adding pass-through camera capabilities to fold in the real world and blend it with VR. Varjo's XR-1, coming later this year, is that upgrade. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try the XR-1 yet. Instead, I'm watching the demo video of what the XR-1 can do as I talk to Varjo's founders about the XR-1's capabilities.

Microsoft - HoloLens - Magic - Leap - Objects

Unlike a Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap, which seem to project holographic objects on top of the real world, the Varjo XR-1 is a mixed reality headset that uses dual 12-megapixel outer cameras to pass video of the outside world into VR. Varjo aims to do it with the same crazy-high resolution of its VR headset, and at a latency so low that you can drive a car while wearing it. Literally. That's what Volvo is already doing.

The XR-1 is built off similar hardware as the VR-1 headset, but with the added passthrough cameras and significant internal optimization that effectively make it a whole new product (Varjo is working on a way for customers who already bought the VR-1 to upgrade when it launches later this year). But unlike the VR-1, the XR-1 is more of a developer's kit, according to Varjo's Finnish founders. There are no apps yet. There's no announced...
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