Physicists propose a second level of quantization for quantum Shannon theory | 4/9/2018 | Staff
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Information theory, which was developed by Claude Shannon starting in the late 1940s, deals with questions such as how quickly information can be sent over a noisy communications channel. Both the information carriers (e.g., photons) and the channel (e.g., optical fiber cable) are assumed to be classical systems, with well-defined, perfectly distinguishable states.

In the past two decades, physicists have been developing a quantum version of information theory in which the internal state of each information carrier has quantum properties, such as superposition—the ability to occupy two or more classical states at once. But the transmission lines are generally still assumed to be classical, so that the path taken by messages in space is always well-defined.

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Now in a new paper, physicists Giulio Chiribella and Hlér Kristjánsson at the University of Oxford and the University of Hong Kong have proposed a second level of quantization, in which both the information carriers and the channels can be in quantum superposition. In this new paradigm of communication, the information carriers can travel through multiple channels simultaneously.

"This work provides the foundation for a new theory of communication where the propagation of information in space and time is treated quantum mechanically," Chiribella told "It opens up new avenues for quantum communication networks and for a future quantum internet, where data could be sent from a sender to a receiver through multiple quantum servers. Exploiting the interference of different communication paths, it will be possible to communicate more efficiently and more securely. At the fundamental level, the transmission of messages along multiple trajectories could give rise to fundamental tests of the quantum nature of spacetime."

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This channel superposition phenomenon can be observed in the famous double-slit experiment, in which a single photon seems to pass through two slits at once. Even though just a single photon is...
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