Killing Eve Season 2 Finale Recap: If You Need Any Help, Just Axe

TVLine | 5/26/2019 | Dave Nemetz
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Killing Eve wrapped up its sophomore run with plenty of bloodshed, of course… but the deepest wounds might’ve actually been on the inside.

Sunday’s Season 2 finale opens with Villanelle (as “Billie”) snooping around Aaron Peel’s grand palazzo and discovering his creepy surveillance set-up. She finds videos of her sleeping — and of Aaron killing another girl in the same bed she’s sleeping in. During a casual breakfast chat with him, Villanelle lets the word “gentleman” slip (the safe word), which sets off alarm bells for Eve. She begins to rush off… but when she calls for Hugo, she doesn’t get a response. She hides under the bed as a faceless tough enters and scans the room before leaving, and when she emerges, she finds Hugo lying in the hallway bleeding out. She leaves him there, though, with only a note; Villanelle is in trouble!

Eve - Aaron - Palazzo - Maid - Villanelle

Actually, she isn’t: When Eve reaches Aaron’s palazzo, disguised as a maid, Villanelle is still calmly eating breakfast with Aaron. He recognizes Eve right away, and Villanelle drops the “Billie” accent, which pleasantly surprises him. She mentions she’s seen his “movies,” and he’s clearly smitten with her. He even asks her to come work for him: “Neither of us will ever be bored again.” Her first assignment: to kill Eve. Villanelle grabs a knife from the table and asks Aaron, “Do you want to watch?” When he nods, she savagely slits his throat, holding him in front of a mirror: “Then watch this.” Bye, Aaron: You were… well, as Villanelle puts it, “a dick.”

As Eve and Villanelle escape, Villanelle says she didn’t mean to use the safe word (“gentleman” is a very common word!) and asks if Eve happened to see a small redhead hanging around, meaning her old handler Raymond. (That was him and his cronies...
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