The Best Killer Dog Movies You’ve Never Seen

/Film | 5/20/2019 | Rob Hunter
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This weekend’s theatrical offerings include two heavy hitting sequels in the form of John Wick: Chapter 3 and A Dog’s Journey. The two don’t share much in common plot-wise, but both feature scenes of dogs viciously attacking gun-toting baddies. Probably. I haven’t actually seen A Dog’s Journey, but I am pretty darn good at making educated guesses.

Dog attacks are a common enough occurrence in both real life and cinema, but there really aren’t that many films making the dogs, the attacks, and the threat of attack the key focus of the movie. When you think “dog attack” flicks you most likely land on one of the big dogs of the subgenre – the foolish dogs who dare stand against Joe Don Baker in The Pack (1977), the racist mutt in White Dog (1982), the pitiable canine in Cujo (1983), or the Terminator-like pooch in Man’s Best Friend (1993). These are all solid movies, but they’re not the only ones to find terror at the wrong end of our four-legged friends.

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A young married couple enduring some bumpy times leave the city behind for a summer-long stay in a beachside rental, but instead of reconciliation they find only terror. Their landlord is a Vietnam veteran with little patience for hippies, and in addition to a serious attitude he also has a pair of highly trained and clearly deadly Doberman Pinschers at his command. The couple isn’t going anywhere.

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Regular readers of this column know I like to occasionally cheat, and this early 70s drama is this week’s bit of naughtiness. The dogs, while vicious and responsible for some third-act attacks, don’t technically kill anyone here. They’re still mean and do damage, though, and their presence makes up a good...
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