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I grew up with certain stereotypes about big churches and stereotypes about small churches – ultimately a reflection of how I thought a church grows. At first, these perceptions really got in the way of the opportunity for me to learn from others in the communications community. I think it also paints a picture of comparison that can be dangerous because my church’s path to reaching our community and growing in size may not match another’s.

When someone asks a question and I start to talk about my experience, I cringe when the first question they ask is how many people we have (for the record, we served 683 people at my church last Sunday – you can decide whether that means we’re big or small or somewhere in between). I’m wondering if they’re thinking “We couldn’t pull that off because we’re a small church” or “We can come up with a better idea because we’re a big church.” It’s probably just me, and I’m growing through it, but I’ll get over it.

Generalizations - Cases - Specifics - Group - Gap

While I could make some generalizations that would be true in most cases, I don’t think there are any specifics that I could say are universally true of either group, and what about the gap of medium size churches?

What’s my hope in writing this? That you would start to think outside the box of church size stereotypes and give yourself the opportunity to learn from others, despite the size of church they’re responsible for. I’m hoping we can unify around one goal, and not filter opportunities to learn through stereotypical filters.

Dream - Perspectives

Outlandish? Maybe I’m living in a pipe dream, but here are some of the perspectives I’m working to get over:

Big Churches are all inspiration, and no revelation.

Way - Church - People

I thought the only way a church could grow is by telling people...
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