Antimatter Is Both a Particle and a Wave, New Experiment Confirms | 5/9/2019 | Rafi Letzter
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Antimatter isn't just made of antiparticles, it's also made of waves. Now we know that this holds true even at the level of a single antimatter particle.

Physicists have known for a long time that just about everything — light and other forms of energy, but also every atom in your body — exists as both particles and waves, a concept known as particle-wave duality. That's been shown again and again in experiments. But antimatter particles, which are identical to their matter partners, except for their opposite charge and spin, are much more difficult to experiment with. These twins of matter flit into existence fleetingly, usually in massive particle accelerators.

Physicists - Level - Positron - Antimatter - Twin

But now, physicists have shown at the level of a single positron — an antimatter twin of the electron — that antimatter, too, is made of both particles and waves.

In 1976, physicists figured out how to demonstrate the same effect with one electron at a time, proving that even single electrons are waves that can "interfere" with each other.

Schematic - Experiment - Fringes - Light - Lines

A schematic of the canonical double-slit experiment, which creates characteristic fringes of light and dark lines.

Physicists have since shown that when you bounce positrons off a reflective surface,...
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