Trump's Righteous Indignation over His Innocence | 4/24/2019 | Staff
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The American judicial system, based on British Common Law, presumes accused people innocent until they are proven guilty. The burden is on the accuser or prosecutor to prove guilt, rather than mandating the accused prove their innocence.

English jurist William Blackstone described it this way, as has now been coined Blackstone’s Ratio, “Better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.” In other words, the greater wrong is that an innocent person be wrongly convicted, rather than vice versa, hence “innocent until proven guilty.”

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Those wrongly accused or convicted are righteously indignant and outraged over losing their freedom or reputation unjustly, particularly if prosecuted maliciously. And most fight back. President Donald Trump is the latest example of such judicial malfeasance.

The original mandate for the Special Counsel was to investigate, “Any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”

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Despite two years of assurances from Democrats and the media that there were “mountains of evidence of collusion,” and despite an extensive and partisan exam of Trump and everyone in his sphere, that portion of Robert Mueller’s report came up empty. No collusion.

The second part of his report dealt with potential obstruction, and that portion, despite reading like Joe Scarborough’s or Brian Stelter’s Twitter feed, also came up empty. They made a point to say Trump was not exonerated, but that’s not the standard of American jurisprudence. Trump is either guilty of obstruction or he is not.

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The OJ Simpson jury didn’t exonerate OJ; instead they found that he was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Innocent or guilty is a binary choice. Any doubt, reasonable or not, is enough to invoke Blackstone’s Ratio. Is there any reasonable doubt that if Mueller and his team found something, anything, with which to indict Trump, his family,...
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