Physicist: ‘Stop the Nonsense’ – Sign petition – ‘There is an epidemic of cities in N. America declaring their city is in a ‘climate emergency’
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Climate Depot | 4/23/2019 | Marc Morano
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Sign this petition if you oppose your city’s declaration that it is in a “climate emergency” (any city, your city).

There is an epidemic of cities in North America declaring that the city is in a “climate emergency”. This, below, is my recent submission to Committee opposing such a motion for Canada’s capital, Ottawa. There is no evidence that supports such a declaration. We should discourage our politicians from engaging in nonsense.

Motion - Make-work - Project - Matters - City

This motion is ill-conceived and in-effect political rather than being evidence-based. It recommends a costly make-work project, and would not address real and important environmental matters. City staff and consultation resources would be expended with no benefit to residents of Ottawa.

First, I address each of the “WHEREAS” statements of the motion, as follows.

Climate - Change - Billions - Dollars - Property

1. “WHEREAS Climate change is currently contributing to billions of dollars in property and infrastructure damage worldwide …”

This is false. Violent weather events have always caused destruction. The more infrastructures are built, the more destruction there is of infrastructures from violent weather events.

Climatologists - Incidences - Weather - Events - Study

Historical climatologists have not concluded increased incidences of violent weather events. There is no such statistical study from the field of historical climatology.

Specifically, there is no study establishing a higher or increasing or changing incidence of violent weather events (storms, drought, hurricanes…) in the Ottawa area. There is no study showing statistically deviant weather in the Ottawa area. Such studies performed elsewhere in North America have found null results for statistically meaningful weather incidence deviations.

Study - Data - I - Climate - Regime

There has not ever been a single scientific study that demonstrates from data either: (i) climate regime change, in terms of measured spatiotemporal weather incidences, since the 1950s surge in use of fossil fuel, or (ii) that any weather events or groups of events can be attributed to increased CO2 rather than statistical variations and the known decadal El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)...
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