Political Objectives and Policies Are Different Things: On Being Consistently Pro-Life

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It is not enough nowadays to be pro-life; you must be consistently pro-life. If you truly care for life, then you must care for all of life − both in and out of the womb. That is, you must consistently apply the pro-life principle, leading you to advocate for governmental policies that purportedly relieve poverty and aid those most at-risk to procure an abortion. Loving the baby in the womb means loving that baby outside the womb as well.

The call for consistency is not itself wrong. We all ought to strive to apply our principles as consistently as possible. And perhaps the pro-life cause has at times failed to be consistent. But the public demand for consistency often masks the complexity of applying principles to different kinds of issues and situations. Consistency isn’t the central issue. The divide between the “consistently pro-life” and those they accuse of being “inconsistently pro-life” is actually a matter of differing policy determinations.

Conclusion - Pro-life - Cause - Fetus - Right

The conclusion of the traditional pro-life cause is that the human fetus has a right to life. This follows from a general “pro-life principle” (which I take to be the ultimate precept behind the Sixth Commandment):

Civil communities must use all lawful endeavors for the preservation of human life, under which is comprehended all the conveniences and comforts of life, or whatsoever is requisite to health, ease, freedom, satisfaction, by which life may be made delightful.

Fetus - Life - Preservation - Life - Conclusion

Since the human fetus is a human life, then it is entitled to the preservation of life. This is a conclusion from the principle and, as such, is universally true. That is to say, no particular circumstance changes the fact that the human fetus is entitled to life as defined above.

Calling for the criminalization of abortion, however, would be an application (or policy determination) of the conclusion. An application...
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