Potential Future Pope Condemns Sri Lanka Attacks as ‘Barbaric Islamist Violence’

Big League Politics | 4/22/2019 | Tom Pappert
Click For Photo: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Cardinal-Sarah-Sri-Lanka-Islamist-Violence.jpg

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Thank - Readers - Money - Daily - Caller

Thank you for informing your readers of the money behind Daily Caller and the comments of its editor. I will avoid going to their website. I would appreciate Mr. Howley telling us if there are any writers there who are worth reading who do not subscribe to their editor's politics.

How many children has this broad molested?

Soldiers - F'n - Map - Soldiers - Guns

The Mexican soldiers need to learn how to read a F’n map. The American soldiers need to learn how to use their guns.

Pathetic Pete. A mayor raising all kinds of money. No political history, kinda sounds like Barry before he ran for President. Except ole pathetic Pete is more open about his sickening views. A commie, a baby killer, and a Jesus hater. I wonder what kind of skeletons are in his closet.


You really have to be a f'n ignorant...
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Democrate or Republican, the difference is less than the thickness of a cigarette paper, or a slice of pastrami at a delicatesean.
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