A Chosen Race, A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation

Pyromaniacs | 4/22/2019 | Staff

In response to some respectful pushback, which Uwan rejected as an attempt to "mansplain" her, Uwan proceeded to double down with her "whiteness is wickedness" claim. Putting aside the seeming bravado of her Twitter feed that included hiring an attorney (which I'm sure is different from the biblical criticism that James MacDonald rightly received for suing other believers in violation of 1 Corinthians 6 because oppression, or something), putting aside the factual and historical disagreements I have with her presentation, putting aside even the massive semantical confusion relating to the word "whiteness" in its common meaning (which would be assumed by most people) versus its sociological critical race theory meaning (which Uwan never even overtly or fully defines, although Neil Shenvi does a good job here, despite the grave risk of mansplainin'), two things stand out to me about Uwan's presentation.

First, I continue to be amazed when professing Bible-believing Christians forward the notion that worldly theories and terminology from humanistic realms such as sociology and critical race theory ought to be adopted by other Christians. If we truly believe 2 Timothy 3:16-17 that Scripture equips us for every good work, and 2 Peter 1:3 that we already have everything we need pertaining to life and godliness, and indeed, that the Scripture is sufficient, then we should be able to recognize readily that grafting a oppressor/oppressed lens onto everything is at best an unprofitable recipe leading to bitterness, discontentment, disunity, unforgiveness, and an overly temporal rather than eternal focus, and at worst the overt heterodoxies of liberation theology.

Scripture - Sociology - PhD - Truth - Bumpkins

According to Scripture, it is not the worldly-wise sociology Ph.D.'s who have the truth, it is the worldly-foolish—yokels and bumpkins who cling to the divine power and wisdom of one Book, rather than the ever-expanding reading lists of secular books assigned by Uwan and...
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