“Affordable Housing” Another Lynchpin of Liberal Lies

canadafreepress.com | 4/20/2019 | Daniel Wiseman
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Want to become unpopular? Announce you oppose “affordable housing,” one of the new Liberal Lies, such as Climate Change and Medicare for All.

If Liberals and Democrats favor affordable housing, rest assured it has to be bad. Affordable housing is about as affordable as Obamacare, whose official name was The Affordable Care Act.

Nobody - Government - Intervention - Housing - Market

Nobody seems anymore to question government intervention in the housing market, a feature of American life since President Franklin Roosevelt created the Federal Housing Administration in 1933 as part of the New Deal. The FHA provided loan guarantees to banks to allow them to lend again and spur economic activity in the distressed times of the Great Depression. Before then, nobody would have ever considered allowing the government to interfere with the private contract between a borrower and a bank to purchase a home. Maybe the FHA was a good idea then. But are the conditions of 1933 the same as 2019, when we have near full unemployment and a robust economy? Of course not, so why do we still live in a world of Liberal housing policy? Especially since we also have experienced another liberal housing disaster: government (public) housing?

Affordable housing is the new public housing, the Liberal innocuous term for government-owned housing, which is socialism. Under President Lyndon Johnson in the Great Society programs of the 1960s, Democrats in big cities accelerated the “Urban Renewal” of the 1950s, when mostly minority housing in America’s cities was razed to create various public amenities. Add welfare into the mix, and soon public housing became riddled with violence, despair, and other social pathologies.

Public - Housing - Residents - Projects - Horror

Public housing is even despised by its own residents, who simply say that they live or lived in the “projects” to describe their personal horror. Children with parents who could send them to Catholic schools often escaped the...
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