Star Trek: Discovery Finale Recap: Let Us See What the Future Holds

TVLine | 4/18/2019 | Dave Nemetz
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Star Trek: Discovery capped off its sophomore season with a breathlessly paced finale packed with eye-popping visual effects. But where did it leave Burnham and company when the dust settled?

Thursday’s finale picks up with the Enterprise and the Discovery staring down Leland’s fleet of Section 31 ships, with Burnham and Stamets in a frantic scramble to finish assembling her time suit. After Leland demands they turn over the Sphere data, Pike tries to distract him by sending out a bunch of cool little mini shuttles to draw fire, but Leland one-ups him by launching hundreds of tiny drones to swamp Pike’s shuttles. An intense firefight ensues, with a dizzying array of phaser blasts shooting through space and our heroes’ ships taking plenty of damage — and Burnham’s time suit still isn’t ready to launch.

Things - Turn - Leland - Discovery - Shields

But things take a harsh turn: Leland beams aboard the Discovery while its shields are down and fires a few shots on the bridge before scurrying off to find the Sphere data, and an undetonated photon torpedo smashes into the Enterprise, lodging in the ship’s saucer. If this looks familiar, it should: It’s the horrible future Burnham saw when she touched the time crystal. “This is how it starts,” she realizes, and she can’t seem to get the time suit’s navigation system to launch her into the future, either. Dire straits, indeed.

Spock has an idea, though: The time crystal only showed her one possible future, and each red signal led them to a spot that would help them complete this mission, so Burnham just has to go back and revisit each of those in order to access the future. “So you’re asking me to take a leap of faith?” Burnham asks her brother. “One that is only logical,” he replies. Plus, the good guys get reinforcements when...
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