WDTPRS – Spy Wednesday, the last Collect of Lent

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The term “Spy” Wednesday is probably an allusion to Christ’s betrayal by Judas.

This prayer was the Collect for this same day in the 1962 Missale Romanum. It was also in the ancient Gregorian Sacramentary in both the Hadrianum and Paduense manuscripts.

Resurrectionis - Gratiam - Consequamur

ut resurrectionis gratiam consequamur.

This is an austere prayer, a razor, cutting to the heart of the matter.

Lewis - Short - Dictionary - Informs - Patibulum

The impressive and informative Lewis & Short Dictionary informs us that patibulum (deriving from pateo, “to suffer”) is “a fork-shaped yoke, placed on the necks of criminals, and to which their hands were tied; also, a fork-shaped gibbet”. In turn, English “gibbet” means “an upright post with a projecting arm for hanging the bodies of executed criminals as a warning”.

The verb subeo in its basic meaning is “to come or go under any thing” and by logical extension “to subject one’s self to, take upon one’s self an evil; to undergo, submit to, sustain, endure, suffer”. The L&S explains that “The figure taken from stooping under a load, under blows, etc.)” There are other shades of meaning, including “to come on secretly, to advance or approach stealthily, to steal upon, steal into”. Keep this one in mind.

Consequor - Press - Upon - Attend - Accompany

Consequor is very interesting. It signifies “to follow, follow up, press upon, go after, attend, accompany, pursue any person or thing” and then it extends to concepts like “to follow a model, copy, an authority, example, opinion, etc.; to imitate, adopt, obey, etc.” and “to reach, overtake, obtain”. Going beyond even these definitions, there is this: “to become like or equal...
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