Charlie Daniels: The Green New Steal

CNS News | 4/16/2019 | Staff
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I remember back when Haight-Ashbury was the mecca of the peace and love movement and much of the philosophy, vernacular and rhetoric that was endlessly repeated around the country had their origins amongst the long-haired, beaded and bearded flower children who hung out there and other counter culture hot spots in hippie-friendly San Francisco.

Some of them were sincere, young people who were watching the only world they would ever have come apart at the seams and set out to do something about it, demonstrating their disapproval by dropping out and turning on, writing protest songs and supporting political candidates who were most closely aligned with their vision.

Beliefs - Revolutionaries - Jobs - Charles - Manson

As I said, some of them were sincere and held deep beliefs, but some were violent revolutionaries. Some were hangers-on nut jobs like the Charles Manson cult, and the majority were just along for the ride, for the loose sexual mores and for the ready availability of drugs.

Most of this latter group neither understood nor believed in the causes the faithful held so dear, but to be a part of the crowd, they adopted the dress, lingo and politics of those they considered to be hip.

Hippie - Movement - Something - Percent - Idealism

So, the hippie movement was probably something like 20 percent sincere idealism and 80 percent also-rans, and even amongst the totally committed, the pipe dreams got a little far out. I remember hearing a member of a famous rock band make the statement “we can stop wars before they start.”

In other words, the hippie movement was long on idealistic aspirations and woefully short on realistic fulfillment.

Firm - Believer - Undertakings - Dream - Dreams

I am a firm believer that all grandiose undertakings begin with a dream, but even dreams must submit to the law of possible and impossible and preventing a monster like Adolph Hitler or some fever minded radical from going to war with a song...
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