Author Christina Patterson reveals how she finally defeated adult acne

Mail Online | 4/15/2019 | Christina Patterson For The Daily Mail
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The doctor looked down at his notebook and sighed. 'In that waiting room,' he said, 'I've got patients with real problems. What exactly do you want me to do?'

I swallowed, but my mouth was dry. I cupped my fingers round my chin.

Lumps - Please

I couldn't stop touching the deep, red, painful lumps there. Please, I wanted to yell, just make them go away.

When I saw that doctor I was feeling desperate. It was part of my job to go on a stage and present public events, but a few weeks before, my face had exploded with throbbing red bumps that developed into giant yellow pustules.

Face - Foundation - Pustules - Crops - Lumps

I plastered my face with foundation, but some of the pustules burst and encouraged new crops of yellow lumps, like mushrooms springing up after rain.

I was 34 and had been struggling with acne, on and off, since I was 13.

Sprinkling - Bumps - Forehead - Time - Boys

I first felt a sprinkling of tiny bumps on my forehead at the same time I started noticing boys. I was prescribed antibiotics and used all kinds of lotions, none of which worked, and even tried giving up chocolate, which didn't make any difference at all.

Acne is embarrassing and upsetting as a teenager, knocking confidence at just the time you're trying to summon some up. But it's even worse when you're an adult.

Bookshop - Scattering - Spots - Face - Mass

I was working in a bookshop as a 23-year-old when the scattering of normal spots on my face suddenly burst into a mass of red lumps that seemed to pulsate under my skin. I was referred to a dermatologist, who put me on Roaccutane, a drug that shrinks the oil glands, helping stop pores becoming clogged with oil and inflamed with bacteria.

It was meant to be a miracle drug, and I waited for that miracle to happen to me. Instead, almost every pore on my face seemed...
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