Game of Thrones Premiere Recap: Family Can Be Such a Drag(on)

TVLine | 4/14/2019 | Kimberly Roots
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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones’ Season 8 premiere.

Oh my sweet summer children, the hour finally is upon us: Game of Thrones‘ final season has begun.

Beginning - Season - Premiere - Wastes - Time

And what a beginning, eh? The Season 8 premiere wastes very little time easing us back into life in Westeros, because who’s got time to spare when the undead are on the march? So we get an army’s arrival, some long-awaited Stark family reunions, a dizzying dragon ride and a delicious final moment nearly a decade in the making.

“But what about Jon?” you cry. “Does he find out who he truly is?” Oh yes, and it’s a moment that’s right up there with Ned’s beheading, the Red Wedding, “Tell Cersei” and other iconic moments from the series’ run.

Highlights - Episode

Read on for the highlights of the episode.

HOUSE STARK: LET’S-GET-THIS-THING-GOING EDITION | A boy runs through a wintry wood. When he finally reaches his destination, he joins a crowd of people who are watching the Unsullied march to Winterfell. The boy climbs a tree to see better, which allows us to see that there are an insane amount of soldiers on their way in; four or five columns of them, stretching far into the distance.

Daenerys - Jon - Clad - Fur - Arya

Daenerys and Jon ride among them, clad in fur. Arya stands in the crowd and smiles as her brother passes, but he doesn’t see her. The rest of Daenerys’ retinue are scattered among the soldiers: Missandei, Grey Worm, The Hound and Gendry ride horses, while Tyrion and Varys are carted via coach. Save Arya, every Northerner watching the procession seems very wary of the newcomers.

“I warned you: Northerners don’t much trust outsiders,” Jon tells Daenerys. Just then, Drogon and Rhaegal fly overhead, screeching and cavorting as Daenerys beams her proud mama smile and the commoners on the ground freak the heck...
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