Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The Legend of Lilith Is Very Real, and Very Scary

POPSUGAR Entertainment | 4/5/2019 | Amanda Prahl
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Over on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, there are plenty of references, both overt and sly, to the lore of **** and demons. After all, most of the first set of episodes revolved around Sabrina deciding whether or not to sign her soul over to the Dark Lord (aka Satan himself). There's another figure from demonic lore who figures prominently into the show's mythology, though. We're talking about Lilith, aka Madam Satan, who started out as a creepy antagonist to Sabrina but has morphed into a mysterious character with complicated motivations. Lilith is an even bigger factor in the newly-released second season, so we're diving into the real mythology behind Lilith, and how Chilling Adventures of Sabrina adapts this ancient legend.

Originating in Jewish mythology and folklore, Lilith is a female demon, associated with the night and lustful sexuality. More importantly, she is depicted as the first wife of Adam, before Eve. According to that lore, Lilith was formed from the same clay as Adam (in contrast with Eve, who is depicted in Abrahamic religions as being created from one of Adam's ribs). Over the centuries, the mythology around Lilith continued to develop; certain traditions tell of her refusing to be subservient to Adam and leaving (or being banished from) the Garden of Eden. Others claim that she was cast off for having sex with the archangel Samael, while still others depict her as the wife of a greater demon (often Asmodeus).

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The key elements of Lilith's story often remain the same: that she was Adam's first wife, that she refused to submit to him, and that she was cast out for that. While most versions position her as a villain or even as a queen of demons, some more contemporary or feminist takes use her as a symbol of a woman...
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