New approach to stem soil erosion | 3/19/2019 | Staff
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Topsoil and nutrient runoff are two serious challenges of sustainable agriculture. Perennial crops can help solve these problems by preserving cropland productivity without requiring substantial dietary and manufacture shifts. Although the development of perennial corn has long been an idea, a major roadblock has been the lack of knowledge about the genetics of perennialism. SDSU researchers Drs. Yang Yen and Donald Auger have been working on this problem.

Agricultural corn is annual but it has two wild relatives that are perennial. The wild relatives of corn are called teosinte. With the help of Dr. Auger, Dr. Yen's group is studying the genetics of one of these perennial teosintes, Zea diploperennis. Previous genetic studies have yielded contradictory results. Because of this, Dr. Yen's group have taken a reductionist approach and focused on a single trait: regrowth of a new plant from the base of a plant that has senesced.

Senescence - Refers - Dieback - Corn - Seed

Senescence refers to the dieback that occurs after corn has flowered and set seed. To address this problem, six hybrids were made by reciprocally...
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