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We’re all tempted by something. It’s proof of being alive. If you’re not tempted, you’re not breathing.

So the question isn’t, “Are you tempted?” The question is, “What are you doing about it?”

Key - Temptation - Temptation - Persists

The key to overcoming temptation isn’t to resist it. You need to replace temptation, not resist it. Whatever you resist, persists.

You might be thinking, “Doesn’t the Bible say, ‘resist temptation’?”

It doesn’t.

The Bible tells us to “resist the devil” (James 4:7 NIV). We’re to resist the tempter, not the temptation.

Kid - Mom - Chocolate - Chip - Cookies

When I was a little kid, my mom would make chocolate chip cookies, usually before dinner. When I would go up to the table to look at them, my mom would say, “Don’t you eat those cookies, Ricky.”

“I’m not, Mom. I’m just smelling them.” Of course, right?

Cookies - Attention

But those warm, freshly baked cookies had my attention.

That’s where a lot of people are when they come to Celebrate Recovery®. Something has their attention. Maybe it’s alcohol. Maybe it’s sex. Maybe it’s codependent behaviors. Maybe it’s shopping.

Chip - Cookies

Or maybe it’s chocolate chip cookies.

And here’s the worst part: Whatever gets our attention, gets us. The Bible tells us in James 1 that whatever gets our attention eventually becomes a deep desire—and desire, when it’s conceived, brings sin. And, of course, sin brings death. It’s a destructive cycle—and one many people are looking to escape.

Repentance - Ways - Celebrate - Recovery

I’ve often described repentance as “changing your autopilot.” I think it’s one of the best ways to describe what Celebrate Recovery is all about.

It goes like this. If I have a boat that’s headed east and I’m using an automatic pilot, the boat will go east. But what if I suddenly want to go west?


I need to make a U-turn.

I can do that one of two ways. One way works, and one way doesn’t. I can physically grab the wheel and force it...
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