Independence, Community, and Authority

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David Hayward shared some thoughts on spiritual independence, community, and authority that are worth considering carefully and reflecting on – if you choose to, of course. He also shared a cartoon with a rather naughty play on words, but one that works particularly well in relation to this topic! You can catch a glimpse of it in the preview below, and I’ll also include it as a reward for those who read this post all the way to the end. I think a key thing that many people forget is that even if you delegate or give away your authority to decide certain matters, you are the one doing so and thus the authority is still yours. Someone may have the power to punish you in some ways for not going along with them, but even then the authority is yours to decide whether to take a risky stand against them, or to allow yourself to be threatened into silence and compliance. The authority is always ultimately yours, even in the very act of ceding it to another.

On the other hand, Red Letter Christians highlighted the issue of not being accountable in community to one another as a potential source of problems.

Peter - Wehner - Relation - Politics

Peter Wehner addressed this in relation to politics:

People who are part of a tribe—political, philosophical, religious, ethnic—are less willing to call out their own side’s offenses. That’s human nature. To be sure, some are more willing to show independence of judgment than others, but none shows complete intellectual independence. I certainly didn’t.

Feelings - Solidarity - Affirmation - Support - Fact

Some of this has to do with feelings of solidarity, of not wanting to alienate those whose affirmation and support are important to us. Some of it has to do with the fact that our brains filter information differently, depending on whether it confirms or...
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