‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Continues to Atone for Past Sins With “Saints of Imperfection”

/Film | 2/15/2019 | Monique Jones
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Continues to Atone for Past Sins With “Saints of Imperfection”

How can every episode of this season’s Star Trek: Discovery be the best episode ever? Just last week, I thought “An Obol for Charon” was at the top of the pack. But somehow, this week’s episode, “Saints of Imperfection,” is just as amazing, if not better, thanks to the writers’ amazing ability to rewrite the wrongs that occurred in the first season.


Let’s get into what went down this week.

Culber is Back!

Dr - Culber

Can you believe it! I can’t believe it! But I don’t care! I’m just glad Dr. Culber is back!

Dr. Culber’s death was one of the biggest let-downs last season. All of it smacked of “bury your gays,” and the last thing a forward-thinking show like Star Trek needs to be saddled with is a backwards trope like that.

Volumes - Show - Management - Everything - Peak

Again, it seems to speak volumes about the show’s former management, since everything about last season–despite peak points of writing–was dour and depressing. Clearly, the writing talent was there, but their talent was being clouded over by (alleged) harassment. As I wrote a couple of reviews ago, as someone who has worked under horrible conditions, I understand how your talent can get f*cked up by some poor leadership. So the situation surrounding Dr. Culber lends itself to my personal conspiracy theory that the decision to kill him wasn’t a unanimous one in the writers’ room, if you get what I’m saying.

So, how did Culber come back? Well, honestly, in terms of science-fiction, Culber’s return was more “fiction” than “science.” However, does it really matter? Do I really care? **** no! Give me a loose reason to believe, and I’ll run with it, as long as it means Culber is back!

Way - Culber

I mean, I guess if you break it down, the way Culber...
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