The Many Things that Democrats want to Ban (Running List)

Metallicman | 10/25/2018 | Staff
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This is a compilation of the many, many things that American Democrats (often radical totalitarian communists wearing the mantle of “progressive liberals”) want to ban. This is a running tabulated list that originated from an earlier post about busybodies. There, I argued that Social Justice Warriors (SJW) was just another name for a busybody.

This is a set aside list tabulated by request. It supersedes the extensive list on an earlier post about busybodies. Remember, boys and girls, all bans are a restriction on freedom. Go ahead and shake your head in disbelief. These people are friggin’ lunatics.

Ban - Crackerjack

Ban crackerjack

Ban smoking by anyone under 100 years old.

Ban - Islamophobic - Lawmaker - US

Ban Islamophobic Lawmaker From the U.S.

Ban the word “Bossy“

Ban - Paper - Receipts

Ban paper receipts.

Ban Hair dye ingredients as a prelude to a full ban.

Ban - Word

Ban using the word “too”

Ban adults from going to amusement parks unless they have children in tow.

Word - Bossy

Ban the word “Bossy“

Ban “ideological food”

Ban - Balloons

Ban Balloons.

Ban the term “fake news“

Ban - Rings - Six-packs - Beer

Ban on the plastic rings that hold six-packs of beer together.

Ban peanut butter (Some children are allergic, so it must be banned for everyone!) And HERE is an example of a SJW busybody trying to tell other people how to parent their children.

Term - Movement

Ban the term “Senior Movement“

Ban using the word “Alien”

Term - Fit

Ban the term “Culture Fit“

Ban pizza (From a parody website. So don’t take this entry seriously.) But, the Obama administration is trying to regulate it into oblivion.

Ban - Upskirting

Ban “upskirting”

Ban beef from Brazil.

Game - Dodgeball

Ban the game of dodgeball.

Ban the toy “Slip n’ slide“.

Ban - Schools - Chairs

Ban schools to ban musical chairs .

ban Superhero games.

Ban - Playground - Games - Weapons

Ban playground games that involve “imaginary weapons”.

Ban “devices“

Ban - Balloons - Parks

Ban balloons in parks.

Ban “Happy Meal Toys”

President - Policy - Decisions - Military

Ban the President from making policy decisions in the military.

Ban the word “welfare”

Ban - Gas - Stations

Ban on gas stations

Ban candy canes because the shape “J” represents “Jesus”.

Ban - Proud - Boys

Ban “Proud Boys”

Ban on porn didn’t work, so they want mandatory registration & fees to...
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