Russia May Catch the North Pole and nobody can do anything to stop it | 2/8/2019 | Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
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As Newsmax reported, the magnetic North Pole is wandering towards Siberia at an increasing speed, currently in the order of 35 miles per annum.

Just when you had been thinking of following your compass until you see some polar bears in northern Canada, the magnetic North Pole shifted again. And if the pundits are right, it may just take a few more decades to point you right towards Siberia. Clearly, that’s intolerable.


What is NORAD going to do about that?

Well, they are standing by and adjusting their bearings more frequently.


Really, there is no other choice.

The Magnetic North Pole (MNP), of course, has nothing in common with the Geographical North Pole (GNP).While the GNP is a fixed point on the globe, the MNP is not and it has been moving about forever. Once in a while, the MNP even flips upside down. In fact, over earth’s history, there were numerous events of the MNP “suddenly” changing its location from the northern hemisphere by 180 degrees to near the geographical SOUTH Pole, and back again. Such magnetic reversals can be observed from undisturbed solid layers of basalts and magmatic rocks that contain magnetic minerals (such as magnetite and ilmenite) in various rocks of the world, such as the mid-ocean ridges. According to current knowledge, the last of such magnetic pole flips occurred less than 40,000 years ago and reversed fully again after only some 400 years of “aberration.” Robert W. Felix has written about such magnetic reversals in his book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

Reversals - Past - Disturbances - Earth - Climate

Magnetic reversals of the past were typically accompanied by severe disturbances of the earth’s climate regime. At least some of such were likely due to cosmic events, like large meteor impacts or other infrequent perturbations. No such major impact or other cause has recently been observed but the MNP...
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