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I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to leading volunteer teams. One of the main things I learned is that I had to bleed vision. I had to consistently and passionately share the the vision behind why we existed as a team, why we were doing things a certain way, why we had certain leadership roles, why serving mattered, and so on.

What is Vision?

Vision - Goal - Target - Worship - Service

Your vision is the goal, it’s the target that you’re after. It’s not “what” you’re doing (executing a worship service, for example), it’s the “why” behind what you’re doing (creating experiences where people meet Jesus and where believers are growing in their relationship with Him).

4 Things Volunteers ARE NOT compelled by:


1. A guilt trip.

2. Begging.


3. Desperation.

4. Your lack of passion.


No one likes to be guilted into serving.

In their book, “Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People for Ministry”, Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens, both pastors at Granger Community Church, wrote about not “asking for help”:

Volunteers - Help - People - Sinking - Ship

“We don’t need volunteers and we don’t ask for help because we’ve found that most people will not jump into a sinking ship. When you beg for volunteers, you might be admitting, ‘I have no compelling vision for this area of our ministry, and, therefore, no one willingly serves. So I’m going to try to guilt you into helping out.”

Volunteers don’t respond to “need” as much as they respond to vision.


They are compelled by your passion for the “why”.

Think about the Braveheart speech – you know the one – “they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”. Now think about your church announcement time where Sister Myrtle comes to the podium to beg for more volunteers in the 3rd grade Sunday School class. People literally died with William Wallace. People were guilt tripped into serving with Sister Myrtle.I know these...
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