Liberalism’s Tax on the Unborn

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In 1781 Thomas Jefferson left the office of governor of Virginia and wrote the sole book-length work attributed to him. In Notes on the State of Virginia, Jefferson reflected on what he knew was the great moral failure his society maintained and perpetuated: chattel slavery. He worried that slavery made masters worrisomely despotic. Slaveholding families were “nursed, educated, and daily exercised in tyranny.” He never proposed a solution to what he clearly knew was the problem of slavery, he believed that the moral weight of such a monstrously immoral system did not escape divine notice. “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep.”

In 2019, another governor of Virginia confronts another moral abomination: extreme late term abortions. Ralph Northam, the 73rd governor of Virginia, commented on a radio program regarding a bill introduced in the House of Delegates. Kathy Tran, a member from affluent suburban Fairfax County, introduced a bill that would effectually legalize infanticide in the Commonwealth. Delegate Todd Gilbert asked her if there were any controls in her bill that might prohibit abortion up to the point of birth, going so far as to ask quite clinically if a women in labor might request an abortion. Tran answered: “My bill would allow that.”

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Tran’s answer immediately triggered an outcry and hyperbole has unfortunately occurred in the abortion debate. But the outcry appeared to be justified. Her answer was direct, and unequivocal. What is not hyperbolic is that brutal brazenness of the proposal, and the surprising support it already has. At least 22 delegates in the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly—including the delegate who represents my district—sponsored and co-sponsored a bill that allows a woman on an operating table carrying a full term (40 week, typically 19 inches long, and...
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