Darwin, the Idol of Richard Dawkins and His Followers

CEH | 2/1/2019 | Staff
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Besides owning almost every book Richard Dawkins has authored, including his newest 15th book (2017), I have watched him in many video interviews. I consider the most honest interview he gave to be the one with Ben Stein in the movie Expelled.[1] Dawkins is very frank about his beliefs and is not afraid to buck against society’s norms. His upcoming book, Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide to Atheism (2019), is aimed at children.

Several years ago I was contacted by an atheist society in Indianapolis in their effort to have Dawkins debate a creationist. I was told this would be a David vs Goliath event (with Dawkins the Goliath, in their opinion). The atheists were anxious to see their champion, Dawkins, triumph against one who they considered to be one of the most qualified creationists. After I agreed to the debate, I was at first nervous, but an in-depth reading of his beliefs helped me begin to develop my debate strategy.

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At this point I was looking forward to the debate, confident that I would prevail, or at least hold my own. About this time I received a request from Dawkins through the atheist group for a copy of my resume, which I sent. A short time later the atheist group informed me that Dawkins backed out of the debate. I was very disappointed. After all of my work, the debate was off. From my research, it was clear that Dawkins pathologically hated God and religion, and actually almost worshiped another god, this one named Charles Darwin.

Sophie Elmhirst, who interviewed Dawkins for several articles, observed that he “has expressed admiration for Darwin in the way a schoolboy might worship a sporting giant. In his first memoir, Dawkins noted the ‘serendipitous realization’ that his full name – Clinton Richard Dawkins – shared the...
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