Education failure hands leftist media victory (or does it?) | 1/29/2019 | A. Dru Kristenev
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Who is it that accepts as fact whatever floats across the newsfeed on their social media?

This question must be answered in order to see the complete picture of how this nation’s liberty is slipping through our fingers, fingers that don’t seem to grasp the enormity of the loss because of the blood on our hands.

Denial - Guilt - Sides - Gains - Power

Howling denial of guilt will come from all sides, left (that doesn’t care how it gains power) and right (that took its eyes off the prize). Honestly? The guilt is shared as one side rewrote this nation’s history and the other complacently let it become entrenched in education. We’re reaping the results of decades of allowing lies to be taught as truth to the point where the youth don’t and, frankly, can’t think for themselves. The ability has been educated out of them, and disdain for those who apply common sense has been educated into them.

Over the last couple weeks, fabricated “news” has stolen the headlines and been repetitiously beaten into gullible minds as fact. Years of misrepresenting facts has created a mass of undisciplined individuals that react with the mob mentality of the proletariat, which they’ve been harangued to believe is their lot in life. Except, these upcoming generations don’t know the definition of proletariat. They haven’t a clue that they are now the mob they were supposedly taught to despise, nor do they know that democracy is the steppingstone to communism which they’ve been commanded to idolize.

Reason - Buzzfeed - Role - Narrative - Nation

For some reason, Buzzfeed’s role in promulgating the false narrative that’s held the nation in its grip for the whole of the Trump presidency hasn’t bulldozed the website. It deserves to be, especially after the Russia dossier that started this whole mess was discredited as well as the media outlet’s (can’t call it news) last venture into creative...
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