Liberals Care More About Baby Turtles Than Human Babies!

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 1/31/2019 | George Prayias
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RUSH: I have been hogging most of the busy broadcast day so far, so let’s get back to the phones because a lot of people have been holding on since the first hour. Riverdale, New Jersey, Carrie, you’re next. Thank you for waiting and hi.

RUSH: Wait just in minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I want to make sure I understood what you just said. You just said that women ought to be thinking the ways they use their body leading up to pregnancy?

CALLER - Decisions - Cases

CALLER: Well, those are decisions that they themselves, in most cases, are making themselves.

RUSH: You mean like rather to actually bang somebody or not?


CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Right. That’s what I thought you meant. See, those are fighting words.

RUSH - People - People - Women - People

RUSH: Well, certain people we do. Certain people, but pregnant women, you’re right, we don’t, but certain people we do.

CALLER: Exactly. But there’s adoption. Nobody even talks about that.

RUSH - Scenario - Woman - Birth - Doctor

RUSH: Let me ask this. Let’s construct a scenario. We’ve got a woman who’s dilated, giving birth, and here comes a doctor, and here comes the whoever, counseling, “If you don’t want the child, we can take care of it, we can abort the baby.” Where is the adoption option in that circumstance? Why is the adoption option not presented? Why does the Democrat Party not even go in that direction? You have a theory on that?

CALLER: I don’t. Do you?

RUSH - Adoption - Objective - Abortion - Parenthood

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I know exactly why. I know exactly why. Adoption does not further the political objective accompanied by every abortion. That’s why Planned Parenthood has people stationed outside adoption agencies, when a pregnant woman is seen walking in one, Planned Parenthood will intercept, interrupt, and try to talk them out of adopting. It’s a money thing too. They get paid for abortions. Hang on. I know I took some...
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