Peak Davos & The Brexit Iceberg Dead Ahead

Zero Hedge | 1/30/2019 | Staff
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This is the attitude of those opposed to it. Any real separation of the U.K. from the European Union would result in a catastrophe which knows no bounds.

They have ratcheted up Project Fear to the point now of saying there will be food shortages and permanent supply problems for fresh fruit if a hard Brexit occurs.

Things - Defy - Reason - Interpretation - Humans

Things like this defy all reason. They are based on the stupidest interpretation of how humans react to changing situations. It is like saying the only potential suppliers for the U.K. of certain fruits and vegetables are those from the European Union.

Because people don’t respond to incentives and there aren’t other suppliers ready to take up the slack if the Eurocrats keep their panties in a twist over this.

Session - Parliament - Remainers - Process - Conclusion

And yet, after another major session of Parliament in which Remainers were supposed to scuttle the entire process we see Brexit moving steadily towards its obvious conclusion.

The six amendments which were on the table yesterday ranged from virtue signaling about not wanting a No-Deal Brexit to parliament wresting control of the law-making process from the Government, over-turning nearly 40 years of tradition.


Four of them, all of the terrible ones, failed.

Because what finally happened is that these corrupt and venal MP’s finally ran up against the reality that they hold what power they have at the pleasure of the people they represent.

Democracy - Form - Government - While - Uses

Democracy may be a flawed and dangerous form of government, but every once in a while it has its uses.

And it is most useful when the crock of **** our representatives are selling us as a plate of foie gras is so horrible we can’t hold our nose and eat it anymore.

Trump - Italy - Yesterday - Ride - Fail

This explains Trump. It explains Italy and it explains succinctly, yesterday’s ride on the fail boat by the Remain camp. Why? Because so many of them...
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