Baptism: When Heaven Meets Earth

The Aquila Report | 1/24/2019 | Staff
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God gave certain signs to point to his promise and his acts of redemption to make certain people pure enough to be with him. It takes death to bring life, washing to be clean, and surgery to make well. Only the God of heaven can make that happen to people on earth.

Do you recall the part in Jesus’ model prayer where he said, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?” Simple words. Easily etched into our minds. Profound words, too. Etching God’s will on our hearts. “On earth as it is in heaven!” Have you ever thought of baptism as a contact point where heaven meets earth? Actually, in a real way, Christian baptism is where heaven meets earth.

People - Family - Tradition - Others - Christian

Some people are baptized to follow a family’s religious tradition. Others do so to join a Christian community. Some are convinced that it is a guarantee of God’s favor and a step toward heaven. Most who become Christians take on the symbol of baptism as a badge of their faith. For such of us who made a verbal profession, even with a deep heartfelt commitment to believe in Jesus Christ, baptism is often an emotionally moving event.

You know what? Baptism can be all those things. Yet it is not merely those things. Baptism is so rich in meaning and so powerful in force that all those good things mentioned above are almost too light when compared to the heaviness of baptism’s heavenliness. Here is why: baptism is a sign from the heavenly One and a seal on the earthly one.

Sign - Points - Something - Sign - Stop

A sign points to something else that is more profound than the sign itself. It can be like the stop sign that points to the concept of stopping before entering into an intersection. It could...
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