Sun As Main Driver: Japanese Scientist Cites 7 Major Examples How Real Climatic Data Contradict AGW Claims

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In 1998 D. Dahl-Jensen et al. pointed out in the journal Science that the 1930s is 0.5°K warmer than the present time based on a bore-hole study of Greenland ice sheet.

The following data support D. Dahl-Jensen’s findings, from Soon 2012.

Heat - Waves - USA

Also heat waves were far worse across the USA in the 1930s:

More heat waves in the 1930s.

Hurricane - Labor - Day - Hurricane - Hurricane

The strongest hurricane was the Labor Day hurricane, which hit in 1935. Hurricane Irma and Harvey had much higher central pressure at landfall. (U.S .National Hurricane Center):

Strongest hurricane occurred in the 1930s.

Parts - Arctic

Parts of the Arctic were warmer in the 1930s:

Source: Real Climate Science.

Arctic - Sea - Ice - Levels - Today

Arctic sea ice levels were just as low in the 1930s as they are today:

Read more here.

Data - Activity - Change - Index - Oscillation

The climatic data above can be understood with solar activity change (aa Index) and ocean oscillation (Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index), see the 2 charts that follow.

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) index was also in its warm phase during the 1930s:

PDO - Index - From1925 - To1945 - Data

PDO index was positive from1925 to1945. Data: Japan Meteorological Agency.

In summary, increasing solar activity with positive PDO index caused the warmer period of...
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