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Catholic and Enjoying It! | 1/16/2019 | Staff
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There is no prolife party. There is the party that is 100% responsible for the creation (via Roe) and entrenchment (via Casey) of our abortion regime and then there are the Democrats. Roe and Casey are GOP creations. Totally. And in addition, the GOP has authored and passed 8 spending bills since Trump was inaugurated, all of which funded Planned Parenthood. Did they shut down the government rather than fund PP? Of course not. And did the prolife movement expect them to or complain whent they did not? Of course not. The prolife movement doesn’t care about that. The prolife movement is too busy cheering for shutting down the government so that Trump can have and idiotic wall. And the prolife movement’s Great White Sex Predator Hope, Kavanaugh? He just sided with Planned Parenthood as well and turned away a chance to re-examine Roe.

Here is reality: The GOP and the Dems both support Roe and will never ever ever ever dismantle our abortion regime. Why would they? They both profit from it, both personally and politically. The GOP leadership, with Trump in the lead, have benefitted from multiple abortions for their wives and mistresses. But above all, they benefit from it by manipulating their base. Dems gin up their base with the fear that abortion will be outlawed. The GOP gins up their base with the lie that any day now, they will outlaw it. This kabuki has played out for 38 years. But the truth is that only 20% of Americans want it outlawed, just as only 20% want abortion on demand without apology. 60% of Americans dislike abortion and would prefer not to think about it while that same 60% have absolutely no intention of outlawing it or telling desperate women in a crisis pregnancy what they can...
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