Australia Bans Encryption!

Medium | 1/14/2019 | Shyla Khan
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Australia Bans Encryption!

In a move supported by both major political parties in Australia, a bill named the “Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill 2018,” has passed the House of Representatives and is headed to the upper House for a vote. Given its bi-partisan support and the position of PM Michael Turnbull regarding encryption, passage into law seems certain.

Offenses - Crime - Attacks - Drug - Trafficking

“fight serious offenses such as crime, terrorist attacks, drug trafficking, smuggling, and sexual exploitation of children.”

While all seem like good reasons for wanting access to the data and communications of suspected villains and bad actors, our Libertarian antennae are twitching. What is to prevent government agencies, and hackers once the means of accessing data become available, from expanding their surveillance at will? Naturally, the Australian government is quick to point out this will never be allowed since a court order to obtain the data is required.

Australia - Group - Countries - Five - Eyes

Australia is the first of a group of five countries called the Five Eyes Nations to pass this type of legislation. Given the stances and statements from certain of the other four members; the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, it seems inevitable that similar legislation will one day advance in those countries as well.

The bill does not require manufacturers to build systemic weaknesses or backdoors into their hardware or software. It just requires those companies to provide the ability to gather data on suspects when ordered to by Australian authorities. The bill requires tech companies to provide access to data before it is encrypted, either on the sending or receiving end. The problem with this approach is that once developed, hackers and bad actors won’t be far behind in gaining the same capabilities.

PM - Michael - Turnbull - United - States

PM Michael Turnbull, along with the United States FBI, seems unconcerned with the civil liberties that might be trampled. All that matters is national...
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