Jesus’s Baptism and Significance (Matthew 3:1-17) Sunday School Lesson | 1/11/2019 | Kristin Schmidt
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Whether as an infant, adult, or in between, baptism is something that is practiced and viewed differently by some, but is always significant. Why should we bother with it, and what does it mean? Well, for one thing, Jesus was baptized at the start of His ministry, and His example sets a standard for us and for the symbol of what baptism represents. This lesson highlights that as well as the importance of being set apart by God.

Lesson focus: The baptism of Christ was a statement and preparation; our own baptism represents cleansing as well as that same statement of faith.

Materials - Water - Coffee - Filters - Cone

Materials Needed: Water, coffee filters, cone cups or papers, string, sponges or “miracle grow” creatures; coffee filters; wet wipes; messy items; water colors; paper plates.

Lesson Opening: Start off the lesson by getting a little messy. Have a bowl of something “icky” prepared: this could be shaving cream, whipped cream, pudding, dirt, Jell-O, noodles…whatever works. Hide something representing the lesson within the bowl. For younger audiences, this might be a simple toy or Bible verse…older students can use something more abstract, like a wrapped “Three Musketeers” bar for the Trinity in the story.

Students - Items - Minute - Hands - While

Have students dig around to find the items, and allow them to sit a minute with dirty hands. After a while, provide wet wipes and ask if those are sufficient to clean up all of the goop (probably not). They might need more. Explain that in today’s lesson we will talk about how to make ourselves clean on the inside. Water is not enough to do that!

Bible Lesson:

Baptism - Start - Students - Sacrament - Sins

What is baptism? Start by asking students what they know and understand about this sacrament, and why (or even if) they think it is important. Does baptism itself take away our sins? What does it mean? Ask students if they know that...
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