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Hello! To all the “angry suburban housewives,” liberals, “progressives,” socialists, commies, Marxists, and other deranged or deluded or misinformed Trump and America-Haters.

You voted for—and elected—Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

Wish—more - Muslim-Shariah - Bigots - Congress

You got your apparent wish—more reported Muslim-Shariah, anti-Israel, anti-Trump, terror-affiliated, anti-America bigots in Congress.

Muslims in Islam—almost all of whom, according to reports, seem to be seeking the death of everyone not a Muslim, the death of everyone who’s left Islam, the death of any “bad” or “over-dressed” Muslims, and world domination.

Idea - Miracle - Election - Trump - Something

I have no idea what “miracle” you expect to happen from this last election you voted in. Why’d you do it? Because Trump once said something you didn’t like?

What—no man ever said this before, not anywhere, at any time in human history? Well, guess what, “Babe?” Men talk like this among themselves ALL THE TIME!


Is that why you voted for these two Muslimas?

“Sweetheart,” you’ve got a weird idea of what your freedom is.

What—when - Islam - World - Daughters - Sacks

What—when Islam dominates the world, your daughters won’t have to wear black sacks? Your daughters won’t have to wear black rag-masks? Your daughters won’t have to get their clitoris sawed off? Your daughters won’t have to be treated like property— by Muslim men?

Nobody You know will have to get their head cut off, be canned to death, be stoned to death, be killed by dogs in a pit, have acid thrown in their face, or suffer some death mandated by Islam?

Sistah - Way - Jews - Jews

You Jewish babes: Sistah! Yo, I guess they won’t kill you first, am I right? Although, can you think of a better way to stop Jews from breeding and pumping out more Jews?

“Extermination;” quelle idee! Assez bizarre, ne’est-ce pas?

Just - Well

Oh! Wait! Already been done once. Just not really “well.”

Suburban housewives! You must Know somebody “up high.” Maybe the Ayatollah, or some Imam? Or somebody? Because you’re exempt from all that,...
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