How to enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverages AND lose weight! Experts share the clever health regime that still allows you to reach for a glass of wine

Mail Online | 7/6/2016 | Bianca London for MailOnline
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Most of us want to lose weight but struggle to make the sacrifices needed to reach our goals.

But experts say there are ways of shedding the pounds whilst still enjoying your favourite treats - namely that refreshing glass of white wine - as long as you know the healthy routine to adopt to balance it out.

Experts - Myles - Hopper - Trainer - Founder

We've called on experts Myles Hopper, who is a personal trainer and founder of healthy food delivery company, Mindful Chef, and STRIPPD nutrition's Beauty, Health and Nutrition Expert, Karen Cummings-Palmer, to share their top tips for incorporating alcohol into a healthy lifestyle.

Whilst it's obvious that the best way to reach your weightloss goals is by shunning alcohol altogether, if you really do want to drink, there are ways of incorporating it sensibly into your regime.

MailOnline - Myles - Hopper - 'We - Value

Speaking to MailOnline, Myles Hopper said: 'We believe you should only drink if it truly adds value and pleasure to your life.

'For a lot of people they build social connections from attending events where alcohol is present and this is important for your quality and enjoyment of life. You shouldn’t, however, drink because you’re stressed, or it has become a habit, or you're pressured into it or you believe it is good for you.'

Myles - 'Excess - Alcohol - Top - Food

As Myles explains: 'Excess alcohol on top of your usual food intake can result in unwanted weight gain if you are regularly in excess of your daily requirements. However, for a lot of heavy drinkers excess alcohol can actually lead to malnutrition and or muscle loss.'

But, if you are going to reach for a beer at the end of a long day, here are the steps you can take to ensure your regime stays on track...


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