James Comey: No Fidelity, no Bravery, no Integrity

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There is a lesson to be learned from the Russia investigation farce and it could not be more clear.

Never, ever trust the FBI. Ever.

Fidelity - Bravery - Integrity

Fidelity? Bravery? Integrity?


FBI - FIB - Fashion - Washington - Post

The FBI (FIB is more like it) should be regarded in a fashion similar to how one looks at the Washington Post. That is, as an arm of the democrat party. Typically, investigations are set into motion to look for crimes. Not so any more. Now investigations are set in motion to create crimes. Specifically, to create crimes in an effort to depose the Donald Trump.

Political crimes.

Man - Anyone - Reputation - FBI

One man has done more than anyone else to destroy the reputation of the FBI.

James Comey.

Comey - Prig - Director - Agency - Director

Comey is easily the most prissy prig ever to be a Director of the agency. He is also the most political and arrogant of any past Director. In that regard, he is not alone. James Clapper and John Brennan revealed that they are politically driven operatives more interested in furthering their own agendas than in doing the jobs they were tasked. All three lied to Congress. All three have decided that Trump must be taken down.

Comey intentionally screwed the Clinton email investigation so badly that it serves as a template for what a law enforcement agency should never do.

Comet - Idiot

Comet insists on seeming to be an incompetent idiot:

Comey went so far out of the guidelines to allow the potential targets of the investigation run the show that it never had a chance of being properly done. He created a two tiered system of justice– one for liberals and another for the rest of us. He was targeting Trump right from the outset. Any investigator worth a damn would have wanted to know who paid the garbage dossier used to secure a FISA warrant. Not Comey. His response was “Who cares?”

That means anyone- and I mean...
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