Dear Ocasio-Cortez: It’s Not Because You’re a Woman of Color. It’s Because You’re an Idiot.

Louder With Crowder | 12/11/2018 | Staff
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Congratulations on your quick rise to political success. In a world full of stuffy old codgers spouting nothing but focus-grouped talking points, you came in like a wrecking ball. A Prada-pump, Armani suit-wearing, wide-eyed wrecking ball. Based on some of your delicious tweets, you seem to think criticism of you stems from your fashionable penchant, your racial heritage, or your reproductive wonders down under.

Allow me to address each assertion.

Plenty - People - Aim - Pricy - Wardrobe

Sure, sure, there are plenty of people who’ll take aim at your pricy wardrobe, considering you’re a socialist champion for the working class, who rocks those four-figure business suits. But what Venezuelan slumlord doesn’t have a direct line to Versace?

Yes, I suppose even in our current cultural climate where any whiff of racism is stamped out by the social media Gestapo, there may be a few errant racists who have a problem with your caramel macchiato skin tone. Personally, I think it’s lovely. Were I a woman of color, that color would be “uncooked chicken skin.” It’s winter.

Culture - Sexists - Opinions - Women - Women

Then as advanced as much of our culture claims to be, there are still plenty of sexists lurking about, sharing all their opinions on what women should be, what women should do, how women should behave, what their ideal body type is, when and how they should smile, et cetera, et cetera, lather, rinse and get left-swiped. So yes, it’s possible some of the hate you’re receiving is due to being a girl.

But let me reassure you, most of the criticism thrown your way from right-wing sites such as ours has nothing to do with your racial makeup or gender identification. No, we make fun of you because it’s painful not to. We start each day saying “We really need to choose our Cortez criticism carefully” only for you to come out blindfolded, swinging at...
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