The ‘Doctor Who’ Season Finale is a ‘Battle’ to Maintain the Show’s Momentum

/Film | 12/10/2018 | Hoai-Tran Bui
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There’s a line from Peter Capaldi’s run as the Doctor that I keep going back to during this inspiring, but uneven, 11th season of Doctor Who: “Well to be fair, they cut out all the jokes!” This episode, and to an extent this season, could have done with a couple of laughs.

While Jodie Whittaker has injected new life into the show, uttering every line with a twinkling bravado and generally being the best, her strong performance has barely been enough to make up for what has been just an okay season. I had hopes for new showrunner Chris Chibnall to right the ship after Steven Moffat steered it into the eye of the hurricane, but it seems that Chibnall has taken the series to the most placid waters. Except for the historical episodes, this season of Doctor Who has been, for the most part, kind of bland. The show had only started to feel properly like Doctor Who — after treading around familiar monsters and nods to the show — in the past four episodes, which took the season (and in last week’s case, the show) to an all-time high. It’s no surprise that those four episodes were each penned by a different writer who wasn’t Chibnall. But the showrunner took to the pen again for the season finale, “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos,” and as a result, we end the season on an underwhelming note.

Figures - Markings - Task - Delph - Percelle

Two religious figures with markings on their faces set about on a religious task, with the younger, Delph (Percelle Ascott) magically creating a rock formation from thin air under the woman’s (Phyllis Logan) tutelage. But they’re interrupted by a sinister figure emerging from a ball of blue light.

Roughly 3,000 years later, the Doctor answers a distress signal emanating from that same planet — our...
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