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By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

I recently received a message from my father-in-law, containing a link to a Spanish language Facebook post by a man named Habitante, which translates to “Inhabitant.” I was unable to confirm the identity of Habitante, but his words and insights are so compelling and authentic — and what my family personally knows to be true — that it must be shared.

Today - Democrats

Tell me if it does not fit today’s Democrats’ agenda:

What is COMMUNISM and how does it function?


Here comes the overarching concept:

First, they promise you many beautiful things. Equality, health, “free”, education, “free”, this “free”, that “free”, etc. etc. EYE on the word FREE, this is the first lie from those communist demagogues.

Power - Opposition - Enemy - Gringos - Enemies

After they assume power, they tell you that the opposition is your “enemy”, the gringos are your “enemies”, your family and friends on the right are your “enemies”, etc. etc. EYE on the word ENEMIES.

They need a ghost enemy, first to polarize the people, then to divide families, and lastly to blame the “Yankee Imperialists” for every one of their failures.

Weapons - Hand - Sympathizers - Industries - Businesses

Then they take your weapons with the one hand, and with the other, they give them to their sympathizers. Then they nationalize the industries, take all the businesses, they tell you that you cannot sell your properties (your car, your house, etc.) nor may you open your own business.

Everything belongs to the state, or as they say, to “the people”. They lower the salaries (only those of the professionals; the soldiers are “purchased” with higher salaries), because all those “free” services have to be paid and the payment comes out of your wages. In other words, you earned 1000 now they give you 200. The remaining 800 is for your “free” health and education. But with those 200 you can neither eat nor fix your...
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