'Europa Excursion' Takes Kids on a Journey to Jupiter's Icy Moon

Space.com | 11/29/2018 | Staff
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In the adorable new kids' book "Europa Excursion," a team of furry, four-legged astronauts embarks on a deep-space journey to Jupiter's icy moon Europa.

Written by the aerospace engineer and SpaceX mission manager Andrew Rader, "Europa Excursion" is the third book in the "Epic Space Adventure" series, which aims to teach kids about the wonders of the solar system using cute cartoons and clever rhymes. The book launched on Kickstarter in October and is quickly closing in on its $15,000 fundraising goal.

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Here in the nonfiction universe, researchers are actively investigating the possibility of life on Europa. While this distant moon may not look like a very hospitable place on its surface, its subsurface ocean seems like a place where life could survive and thrive. Not only does Europa's icy shell provide a shield against harmful solar radiation, volcanic activity and hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor could also provide the heat and energy needed to sustain life — much like the hydrothermal vents that support microbial life on Earth's ocean floor.

NASA is currently planning to send two missions to Europa to investigate whether the moon could be habitable and to look for signs of life: an orbiter called Europa Clipper is scheduled to launch in the mid-2020s, and the proposed Europa Lander would follow up on the findings of the Europa Clipper by...
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