Church Planter, Change Is Hard. And Good.

The Gospel Coalition | 11/20/2018 | Staff
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To my delight, my almost-2-year-old daughter has developed a love for The Lion King. It means I have an excuse to re-watch what is, for many reasons, one of my favorite movies.

The other day, an exchange between Simba and Rafiki stood out to me:

Simba - Winds

Simba: “Looks like the winds are changing.”

Rafiki: “Ahh. Change is good.”


Simba: “Yes, but it’s not easy.”

Good, but not easy. Isn’t that the truth?

Status - Quo - Unawareness - Decisions - Premium

It’s easy to take for granted the familiar. When the status quo is maintained, we can drift into unawareness of what’s really important to us—what we’re living for, what’s driving our decisions, what we’re placing a premium on. When the status quo is interrupted, though, everything changes.

Moving to a new place makes you realize what you took for granted in your previous community. Losing a loved one confronts us with what really matters in life. Bringing home your first child turns your priorities upside-down (and makes you treasure sleep in a new way).

Simply - Change - Value—and - Value - Wonder

Simply put, change can show us where we’re placing our value—and where that value is perhaps misplaced. It’s no wonder, then, that God often uses change to both reveal and also refine our value systems. We all know our priorities are not always in line with God’s. Change can be a good, albeit difficult, way of aligning them.

And few things require the hard work of change like the crucible of church planting.

Church - Seedbed - God - Hearts - Means

Church planting provides a seedbed for God to garden our hearts. Sometimes, gardening means nurturing what you want to see grow. Other times, though, it means pruning—cutting back what will eventually bring the plant to ruin.

When we plant a church, we’re creating space for God to strip away misplaced affections—including our own—and foster a retuned, reprioritized heart for the church’s true purpose. In a culture of poisonous spiritual consumerism, church planting can...
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