As the Conventional Wisdom Turns

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 11/2/2018 | George Prayias
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RUSH: So now the Drive-Bys are upset at “rhetoric.” Trump is out there saying that a couple of maniacs kind of interrupted his momentum, but he got it back, and he’s talking about the pipe bomber and the synagogue shootings. The Drive-Bys are just livid that Trump is talking about ’em this way, that they interrupted his election momentum. Now, the latest theory is from the Drive-Bys that Trump knows the House is gone.

“As the Conventional Wisdom Changes” actually would be a great title for the daily Washington soap opera that is scripted by the Drive-By Media. Once again, it is that Trump knows the House is gone. In fact, Trump knows he’s probably responsible for losing the House because of his toxic rhetoric and his tweets. He can’t save it, but he can save the Senate. It looks like he might save the Senate. He wants to save the Senate and have the Senate made up of people like him on immigration.

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They’ve got three hours that they fill now from nine to noon on Fox, and they have a roundtable that comes in every so often for discussion of the news. On one of the roundtables was Ed Rollins. Ed Rollins was one of the chief campaign strategerists for Ronaldus Magnus, and he is a Washington establishment type who goes back many, many, many years. The subject of the House and the midterm elections, of course, came up, and Bill Hemmer said to Ed Rollins:

“Ed, I want to talk to you about the latest report from Charlie Cook.” Now, we mentioned this to you yesterday. Charlie Cook, latest report, said the Democrats are gonna pick up anywhere from, what is it, 30 to 40 seats? Let me double check. Is it 40 to 50 or 30 to 40? Thirty...
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