I would really like to persuade you. (Summer in the Republic 63)

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Socrates is confronted with his failure to persuade his students (Republic Book II) and gives a saving answer. Education has crashed, but instead of blaming someone else Socrates took the blame and the responsibility to find a solution.

That is a real teacher. Almost every word he says in reply to his students matters. Socrates shows he is real teacher and not a sophist, a wise guy for hire.

Students - Canaries - Miners - Air - Coal

He does not blame the students, but himself. He has failed. I am told they once used canaries to tell miners when bad air was in coal mines. Canaries die in bad air long before the miners. If a canary died, you do not blame the canary, you run. My Papaws both told me that in the chemical plant, just like in a coal mine, when you see a worker running, you run. When an educator sees students not learning, he should run and get help.

When your best students (Glacon in Republic) is not persuaded, is not educated, by the discussion he just lead, then Socrates knows he has failed. Socrates is the greatest master of the question until Jesus and yet Socrates has failed. He could cover up the failure, go into “talky-man” mode to hide the failure in a blizzard of words.


Socrates owns up.

Socrates will do the job himself. Socrates says: “I would really like. . .” He is not indirect or looking to hire an adjunct to do the job. He will do the job, because the job is his to do. A typical sophist, an administrator, will say: “You should be persuaded by the processs of education . . .” Socrates uses the active tense. He is there and he will not be silent.

Socrates - Desires - Job - Duty

Socrates strongly desires to do the job. Sometimes we do our duty, but we are not...
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